Smart Fingers


Fun and challenging.

Highly recommended by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

Suitable from 4+.

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Who has the quickest fingers? Use your fingertips to place the balls as per copy designs included.

This innovative game is ideal for developing muscle tone and muscle control, hand-eye coordination and concentration.

Children are drawn to concentrate and focus while following the patterns on the copy cards. The element of competition can be introduced when two or more children race against each other to complete the pattern on the copy cards, making this game stimulating and exciting, while teaching children to cope with stress.

Smart Fingers is a game which is highly recommended by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists for both children and adults with poor finger control and low muscle tone.

Suitable for 1 or 2 players. Age 4+.

What’s in the box?
• 2 Wooden Smart Finger Boxes
• 16 Copy Designs on Laminated Cards
• Afrikaans and English Instructions

The following skills are developed with Smart Fingers:
1. Fine Motor Control – to strengthen the muscles of the hands and fingers, encourage the player to use alternate fingers while moving the
beads into their places as shown on the Copy Cards.
2. Hand-eye Coordination – placing the balls requires a good deal of eye-hand coordination which is necessary for most daily activities including drawing, cutting, threading, sewing and writing.
3. Figure/Ground Perception – the player needs to focus attention on a particular colour bead or colour dot, placing it in the foreground of his mind while allowing everything else to fade into the background.
4. Concentration – following the patterns on the copy cards will help children to focus and concentrate.


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