Mini Geometric Solids


Learn about shapes.
Age 4+

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Bring the world of three-dimensional shapes into focus with this set of Mini GeoSolids, now available in a handy, smaller set!

Perfect for small group or individual classroom instruction, this Smart Pack supports early mathematical standards. The fun colourful shapes make maths more engaging and exciting for young minds. Hands-on resources such as these encourage mastery of skills and spark a deeper interest and understanding vs traditional learning methods. The Mini Geosolids are the perfect resource for home or at school.

* Set of 10 pieces – 4 of each shape in 1 colour
* Set of 40 pieces – 4 of each shape in assorted colours

Set contain the following shapes – sphere, hemisphere, cone, cube, cylinder, hexagonal prism, triangular prism, rectangular prism, square pyramid, and triangular pyramid). Packed in a resealable polybag and includes an activity guide.

Mini Geosolids Suggested Activities
* Vocabulary – Introduce terms such as , edge , face base , and pyramid , prism , vertex. Then, encourage children to refer to the shapes using their newly expanded vocabularies.
* Sorting – Sort the shapes by various attributes, such as: flat surfaces, curved surfaces, number of sides, and so on.
* Real-World Comparison – Display each solid on a table. Discuss other real-world objects that share the same shapes as those in the set.


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