Large Wooden Dominoes


The fun way to learn!
Age 4+

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Domino’s is a game of strategy which requires fine motor and memory skills, concentration, planning, thinking and reasoning.

Each set of curriculum friendly themes contains 21 large wooden dominoes and comes with an activity guide or notes.  Engage your child(ren) and encourage new learning.

These are perfect 10 minute games and great for on-the-go travel.

Options available:
* Dot Dominoes – introducing number and counting concepts children can match, compare and sort.
* Number Dominoes – learn to compare, sort and match numbers.
* Fruit Dominoes – learn about fruit, new words, alphabet sounds, compare, match, and sort.
* Vegetable Dominoes – learn about vegetables, alphabet sounds, new words, sort, compare and match.
* Wild Animal Dominoes – learn about wild animals, new words, alphabet sounds, match, compare, and sort.

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