Gymnic Sit ‘n Gym Active Sitting Balls


Active sitting balls can be used at home.

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A modern reinterpretation of the chair, the Gymnic Sit ’n Gym ball encourages proper posture through dynamic sitting providing the same beneficial effects as the classic physiotherapy ball.

The Gymnic Sit ’n Gym Jnr. ball is designed for children and is widely used in primary schools. It provides the beneficial effects of a correct posture through dynamic sitting and increases the child’s attention span and concentration.

Equipped with small feet to prevent it from rolling away, the product is particularly effective as an active sitting tool in the office, at home, as well as in classrooms.

Sizes available:
* Junior 35cm (Suitable for person’s height up to 135cm) (Age 3+)
* Junior 45cm (Suitable for person’s height between 135cm to 155cm) (Age 5+)
* Adult 55cm (Suitable for person’s height between 155cm to 170cm)
* Adult 65cm (Suitable for person’s height between 170cm to 185cm)
* Adult 75cm (Suitable for person’s height between 185cm to 205cm)

Recommended weight: max. 120 kg.  *Colours vary by size and cannot be selected.

* In case of puncture the Junior balls bursts.
* In case of puncture the Adult ball deflates slowly, as they consist of Burst Resistant material.
Please make sure that the ball is used on a surface free from pointed objects.



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