Pencil Grip – Grotto


For both the lefties and righties.
The No. 1 pencil grip on the market!
Suitable from ages 4+.

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Places the fingers in a mature tripod grasp every time!  No. 1 in pencil grips. The specialized angles and finger guard wings promote an open web space and hand and palm arching. Discourages hyper-mobility at the joints of the thumb and index finger. Once fingers are placed correctly, the Grotto Grip prevents the user from reverting back to immature hand grasps. Latex free.  *Sold individually.

Highly recommended by Doctors and Occupational Therapists.  Fits a variety of writing instruments.

Features of the Grotto Grip:
* Makes learning how to hold a pencil easier to teach and easier to learn
* Trains proper muscles while writing
* Trains proper grasp
* Decreases hand fatigue
* Corrects pencil grasp
* Increases writing endurance
* Improves handwriting
* For ages 4+ years