Creative Fingers


Fun activities to enhance learning.
Highly recommended for Occupational Therapy patients.
Suitable from ages 4+


An excellent stencil based book written by Occupational Therapists for ALL grade 0 and grade 1 learners, as well as learners who require additional occupational therapy. Filled with fun activities to enhance learning.

The purpose of this book is to give the learner comprehensive exposure to most aspects required for formal learning:
– Language development
– Vocabulary
– Following instructions
– Pre-writing skills
– Bilateral control and accuracy in tracing and cutting
– Gross motor development
– Body awareness
– Movement in space
– Pre-reading skills,
– Visual matching
– Size discrimination
– Spacial orientation
– Planning
– Visual memory

“The importance of the development of bilateral motor coordination cannot be stressed enough. We have been using stencils successfully in various applications for many years to improve writing skills. With this book we have now attempted to make some of these ideas available for educators and parents who realize the importance of writing skills and motor coordination.” — Wilma Steinmann & Elsje Shellard (Qualified occupational therapists).


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