Counters – Fabulous Fruit

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Perfect for early learning of sorting and counting.

Age 4+


Colorful fruit counters are perfect for all of your counting and sorting activities. Includes 6 shapes, each in its own colour; strawberry (red), banana (yellow), orange (orange), apple (green), grape (purple), blueberry (blue).

Made of soft rubber in six colors, these counters make counting, sorting and classifying fun.

Great for classroom theme work (nutrition) discussions and creative thinking.

Use together with Jumbo Tweezers for fine motor development or Sorting Rings for Venn diagrams, both available in-store.

What’s in the Packet?

• set of 72 assorted fruit pieces

Additional information

For interests sake

These counters can be used for a wide range of (mathematical) activities. Sort the fruit counters by shape or by colour. Or create a pattern of fruits. The counters also invite students to learn about healthy eating and story telling about food and nutrition. The ability to sort objects and classify the counters according to specific features is an important aspect of early mathematical thinking, along with the development of counting. The process of counting is a complex one involving building an understanding of the order of number names, the ability to match number words with objects in a collection and understanding the cardinal aspect of a number. The use of materials for counting and sorting assists children in building skills of conservation, classifying, comparing, ordering and patterning.


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