Bucket Stilts


Get a whole new view of your world!

Age 3+

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Bucket Balance Stilts have long been a great toy for kids to improve balance and coordination. This durable Bucket Balance Stilts set is an amazing, modern take on this classic toy that’s more fun than ever. With a 13 cm rise you’ll get a whole new view of your entire world. After just a few steps, you’ll be thinking, “why would I ever want to walk at my original height again?” Polypropylene line is used for the handles to ensure durability and a good grip for little hands while strong plastic keeps you always up and never falling.

Children engage their gross motor skills and learn to coordinate the timing between lifting their leg with the stilt while keeping pressure on the rope handle at the same time, so that the stilts do not separate from the foot.

Size: 120 x 130 mm each


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