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100% natural Aromadough® boosts your health and improves your mood while you play with it! A silky soft stress ball infused with coconut oil, cocoa butter, bees wax and a carefully selected blend of essential oils. Essentials oils are powerful natural essences which can penetrate areas of your body that even some traditional medicines can’t. The essential oils are absorbed through topical application as well as molecular inhalation. The molecules from the essential oils reach into the central nervous system and sooth and restore missing elements from your body. Suitable for diabetics, babies and pregnant women. Dough can be eaten but may cause a mild tummy ache.

Occupational therapists, teachers, parents and students are loving this new “home grown” product at truly affordable prices. Why not try some today!

Aromadough options:
* Peace ~ After a long and busy day to ease anxiety, nervousness and overactivity.
* Sleepy Time ~ Just before bedtime to help little ones relax so can fall asleep. Soothe tired minds and bodies as well as promote peaceful sleep.
* Travel ~ Just before travelling will aid against motion sickness, nausea and headaches.
** Children’s Gift Pack 3pc ~ contains 1 tub each of Peace, Sniffles, Sleepy Time.
* Attention ~ to calm minds, ease nerves, anxiety and stress.  Great for students who struggle with anxiety and ADD or ADHD.
* Balance ~ for memory function and to ease stress
* Calm ~ Ease nervous tension and anxiety.
* Energy ~ Energise your body and mind against fatigue and listlessness.
* Exam ~ to help calm you down, focus and concentrate when nerves and tension hit in stressful times all while boosting your memory function.
* Happy ~ Get your mental or physical boost for the spirit and mind, for those down days.
* Memory ~ to help with memory function and fatigue
* Relax ~ Time to unwind and ease away anxiety or depression.
* Relief ~ Struggling to ease headaches and nausea? Try this.
* Revive ~ to boost immune system and aid recovery from illness
* Study ~ Need a helping hand? Assists to boost concentration and focus when you need it most.
* Travel ~ Just before travelling will aid against motion sickness, nausea and headaches.
** Teen Gift Pack 3pc ~ contains 1 tub each of Relief, Study, Relax
** Study Pack 3pc ~ contains 1 tub each of Attention, Study, Memory
** Adult Gift Pack 3pc ~ contains 1 tub each of Calm, Revive, Energy

How to Use and Store:
* Remove the dough from it’s storage tub and wrapper.
* Now you can roll it in your hands, knead it or pinch it.
* Do this for up to 5 minutes.
* Replace the dough back into it’s storage tub and ensure that you close the lid tight.
* Rub your hands on the tip of your nose, down your arms and on your tummy to release the aromatherapy properties on your skin for continued benefit through out the day.
* Your hands will also be moisturised from the high quality natural oils.
* As the dough is used, it ages and eventually becomes crumbly. It is then time to replace it. But you will have at least 120 sessions of 5 minutes each with each tub you home, provided you ensure that it is stored air tight in it’s storage tub!


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