10 on the Spot


Make ten in this bingo-style game.

For 2-6 players


10 on the Spot is like Bingo but its not about matching, it’s a counting game all about making ten! Cover the numbered spots on the ladybug with the numbered pieces that together make ten! Cards feature ten-frames on one side for beginners and numbers on the reverse for more advanced players. Fill your card and win! This is a great mental maths game and makes counting fun.

Includes 6 double-sided cards and 72 “spots” (pieces). The spaces on cards are inset so spots stay in place.

• Divide the class into pairs or small groups. Give each student a lady bug card and place the spots in the centre of the table number side down.
• The first player flips a spot over and leaves it number-side up in the middle for everyone to see.
• Think fast! Whoever can make 10 by adding this number to another number on his or her board (e.g., 4 + 6 or 8 + 2) should grab the spot and place it in the appropriate space on the board. When filling the board, be sure to place the spots number-side down. This way, you can cover your bug with its missing black spots!
• Play continues to the right. The next player flips over a spot to show a new number for all to see, and possibly grab! Players continue taking turns, flipping over spots and watching to see if they, or anyone in the group, can use each new number that turns up.
• If you flip over a spot that nobody needs, put it aside and out of play.
• To win, be the first player to cover all 6 spaces on your board with spots that make 10! As children become accustomed to counting quickly in their head the game will become easier and much faster!


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